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2017 World Kneeboard Titles Somo, Spain. Photos by The Blue Trip and Surf Mar Cantabrico.

Welcome to the Kneeboard Surf Australia Website.

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Kneeboard Surf Australia runs a circuit of three competitions a year, which are all proudly sponsored by Atoll Travel. Let  Atoll Travel know that you are part of the KSA and they will look after you for all your surf travel needs.


2019 Newcastle Kneeboard Classic Wrap Up and Results.

Congratualtions to Chayne Simpson for winning the Opens and to all the competitors who put on a fine display of surfing.
Saturday saw unsettled conditions, with 3ft of swell and onshore winds, along with a few showers of rain. It was trying for
Competitors, Spectators, and Judges alike. Even Deano had to work hard on the BBQ.After a tough 8 Heats, the Open field was narrowed
down to a very talented group. Going any further was a tough ask in anyone's language.
Our second day saw smaller but clean offshore conditions, with the rain clearing to a very pleasant day.Man-on man heats followed
into the Quarters, with Chayne Simpson taking out Andrew Barnes, Ryan Gallagher getting past Rod Smith, Kyle Bryant ending Albert
Munoz's run, and Charles Mowbray sorting out Pete MacLure, eying the Finals in his first ever Comp - Impressive for such a young Kneelo!
Progressing to the Semi Finals, again the man-on-man format saw Chayne Simpson over Ryan Gallagher, and Kyle Bryant secure a Finals
berth over Charles Mowbray.
Continuing their ongoing run against each other, Chayne and Kyle battled out another close final. Both had their fair share of waves, but it
was Chayne who smacked out a few beautiful moves to secure the Comp win, an awesome one-off trophy made by Peter Simmons, and the
Australian Title for 2019.A very well deserved win!

2019 Newcastle Kneeboard Classic Results.

A-Grade was taken out by a very busy Nathan Slater (who ran after his two boys in the Cadets division all weekend), 2nd Lenny Vial,
3rd Fin Adnam, and 4th John Cullen.

B-Grade was taken out by Novo Legend Damon Barrett,2nd Peter Gorton,3rd John Meyer (who had to bleed for his result),and 4th Craig Tiedman.

Cadets saw Charles Mowbray continue a fabulous run for the day getting 1st place, Harrison Taurins scored second, and keeping their dad
busy was Jack Slater in 3rd, and Matthew Slater in 4th. Jack is still telling everyone he is the best kneeboarder in the Slater household.
This crew were definately stoked by the end of the weekend.

A big thank you to all the sponsors ...
#Kneeon Kneeboards
#Parkes Kneeboards

2020 worlds



DATES: February 29 to March 7, 2020.

LOCATION: The main site for the competition will be at St Clair Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand. However this is a mobile comp and
the comp will head to other surfing spots around Dunedin, depending on conditions. This includes surfing spots such as Allans Beach,
Murderers Point,Blacks Beach, Aramoana, etc

ACCOMODATION: The best spots to stay will be St Clair and St Kilda. St Kilda has a camping ground. There are some hotels in St Clair
and St Kilda, along with apartments and houses to rent. Dunedin city hotels are a fifteen to twenty minute drive from the main comp site.

TRANSPORT: Dunedin has an airport which does get some international flights, otherwise you can fly to Christchurch and fly domestically
or hire a car to get to Dunedin. It is about a four and half hour drive to Dunedin from Christchurch. Christchurch Airport car hire
Motor home rentals Dunedin Airport Car Rentals

ENTRY FORMS: Entry forms are now open and there is a discount for early entries.

TEAM UNIFORM INFORMATION: Click to order team gear. Select PRODUCTS, Click on your selection, select size and quantity,
Add to shopping cart and proceed to payment.

Kneeboard Surf Australia Competition Dates


Date: February 29 to March 7, 2020.
Location: Dunedin Otago, New Zealand.

2020 PI

Round 1 of the Kneeboard Surf Australia Circuit, 2020.

Date: March 14 & 15, 2020.
Location: Phillip Island, Victoria.

Entry forms .