2020 worlds

2020 World Kneeboard Titles, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Australian Chayne Simpson has claimed the Open Men’s Division title at the Emerson's Kneeboard Surfing World Titles held in Dunedin. It was Simpson’s first title after having come up short in three previous finals over the past decade. "I have been standing up here three times previously, claiming the runner-up finish and coming up just short. So this title feels like it has been a long time coming" said the Australian. It was the tightest final of the day with Simpson surfing to a modest 9.50 point heat total in the final. American surfer Sam Coyne finished with a 9.43 point heat total."It wasn’t the way I wanted to win and I am sorry for having to play out the last few minutes like that Sam, but it had to be done" added Simpson who 'dropped anchor' for the final five minutes, holding priority and preventing Coyne from catching any good wave.Coyne had a final shot at the title but came up short after he fell on his second turn on a wave with minutes to go, the wave certainly having the change to flip the final on its head. The final day of the event saw clean waves in the 1.0m range with light offshore winds. However it was the full tide that hampered wave quality in the finals, pushing the participant's small wave surfing capabilities.

Earlier in the day Simpson eliminated Albert Munoz in the first semifinal while Coyne eliminated Baden Smith (Aus) in the second semifinal. Australia claimed five further titles which went to Albert Munoz in the 40 – 44 age bracket, Paul O’Neill in the 55 – 59 age bracket, Wayne Jennings in the 60-65 age bracket and Noah Bateup and Owen Fairweather in the 17-20s and Under 16s respectively. South Africa claimed two titles on the final day with Jedd McNeilage winning the Over 30-39 age bracket and Gig Celliers winning the 50 – 55 age bracket. USA and Tahiti took one title a piece with Shaun Murphy winning the 20 – 29 age bracket and Phillipe Klima winning the Over 65 age bracket. Hosts New Zealand claimed two titles on the final day with Jason Revis winning the 45 – 49 bracket and Julia Phillips winning the Women’s Division.

See below for final results from the Emerson's Kneeboard Surfing World Titles completed at St Clair Beach, Dunedin.

Open Men’s Division Final (head to head final)

Chayne Simpson (Aus), 9.5, 1, Sam Coyne (USA), 9.43, 2, Baden Smith (Aus), 3, Albert Munoz (Aus), 3

Over 20 – 29 Division Final

Shaun Murphy (USA), 11.07, 1, Liam Taurins (Aus), 8.67, 2, Tom Novakov (Aus), 6.7, 3, Chris Linn (USA), 5.33, 4

Over 30 – 39 Division Final

Jedd McNeilage (Zaf), 11.34, 1, Tom Gray (Zaf), 10.6, 2, Chayne Simpson (Aus), 9.94, 3, Kelvin Weir (NZ), 5.04, 4

Over 40 – 44 Division Final

Albert Munoz (Aus), 11.73, 1, Lester Sweetman (Zaf), 10.73, 2, Rodney Smith (Aus), 9.64, 3, Malcolm Diack (NZ), 6.06, 4

Over 45 – 49 Division Final

Jason Revis (NZ), 10.3, 1, Mike de Heer (NZ), 8.06, 2, Stephen Van Der Watt (Zaf), 7.06, 3, Marc Crawford (ZAF), 6.03, 4

Over 50 – 54 Division Final

Gigs Celliers (Zaf), 13.5, 1, Chris Beresford (USA), 10.3, 2, Jack Beresford (USA), 10, 3, Larry Berger (Zaf), 8.4, 4

Over 55 – 59 Division Final

Paul Oneill (Aus), 11.1, 1, Baden Smith (Aus), 10.9, 2, Tom Backer USA), 8.6, 3, Joe Coyne (USA), 5.7, 4

Over 60 – 64 Division Final

Wayne Jennings (Aus), 11.03, 1, Tom Linn (USA), 9.13, 2, Red Ceglow (Aus), 9.13, 3, Bradford Colwell (USA), 5.93, 4

Over 65 Division Final

Philippe KLIMA (TAH), 9.03, 1, Scott Wessling (USA), 8.04, 2, Craig McDonald (NZ), 6, 3, Robert Jordan (Aus), 2.26, 4

U>19's Division Final

Noah Bateup (Aus), 6.17, 1, Owen Fairweather (Aus), 10.66, 1, Regan Storey (NZ), 4.83, 2

Women’s Division Final

Julia Phillips (NZ), 1

Tag Team – Aloha Cup

Australia, 45.01, 1

South Africa, 30.8, 2

USA, 26.57, 3

International, 1937, 4

New Zealand, 15.47, 5

The Emerson’s Kneeboard Surfing World Titles attracted over 80 participants from eight countries including visitors USA,
Australia, South Africa, France, Portugal, Tahiti and Puerto Rico. Participants range from 14 years of age through to 69.
It is the first time the event has been held in New Zealand since 2009.

Event Partners

Thanks to generous support from our family of event partners that have that have made the week possible – Emerson's, Emerson's Brewery,
Dunedin City Council, Bendigo Valley Sports Foundation, Southern Trust, Cove Pad Guy, Hydro Surf, Traffic Control Management Ltd,
Surfboards – Parkes, Hart, Neevo, Kneeon, Otago Locusts, Esplanade Surf School, International Freight and Logistics, X Factor Kerbing
and Asphalt, Kneeboard Surfing New Zealand, Surfing New Zealand, South Island Surfing Association, South Coast Boardriders.

Information and write up courtesy of Surfing New Zealand